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Our Team

About Us

With a focus on startups since 2013, our team has spent a decade engineering creative immigration solutions for startups.

From bootstrapped, pre-revenue startups transferring an H1B for their first employee, to venture-backed founders looking for permanent status, we have the experience to get it done.





Founding Attorney

About Sarah Corstange, Founding Attorney

I love working with startups and small businesses in part because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, working during the early years of e-commerce in my dad’s mail order business from the time it started on our dining room table as it evolved into a thriving company supporting dozens of employees. My interest in international law was sparked later, between college (Williams College) and law school (University of Maryland), when I lived, worked, and traveled in the Middle East for a number of years. In my current practice, I  blend my entrepreneurial roots with the love I developed while traveling of connecting with people from different cultures.

I like the challenge of taking on the giant US immigration machine with my clients, and see one of the most important aspects of my job as grabbing the attention of the people behind the machine to communicate my clients’ stories in a way that turns them from a series of facts on a black and white form into living human beings.

I also love the complexity of immigration law. It is often said that immigration and taxes are the two most labyrinthine areas of the U.S. code. Even an immigration case that looks straightforward on the surface probably has an interesting twist that keeps the analytical part of my brain continuously engaged.

In my free time I can be found running along the green spaces of Manhattan, playing the harp, quilting, or making a mess in the kitchen.




Senior Attorney

About April Nakanishi, Senior Attorney

I am an experienced immigration attorney.  Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of representing a wide range of clients including large multinational companies, small businesses and start-ups in diverse industries.  My practice spans the entire range of  employment based nonimmigrant and immigrant visas.  I have extensive experience with complex cases such as O-1 visas, new office L-1 visas and E-2 and E-2 treaty visas. 

Additionally, I have experience with challenging green card applications including PERMs, national interest waivers, extraordinary ability and outstanding researcher petitions.  I am passionate about transparency and clarity during the immigration process and enjoy partnering with clients to grow and build their businesses in the U.S.




Of Counsel

Amjad Basheer specializes in Immigration Law and has over 15 years of experience assisting small and large corporations to navigate the complex immigration law system to hire and retain talented professionals from all over the world. He regularly works with individuals and businesses the world over set up and operate businesses in the United States. More recently he has been actively involved in assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups in obtaining the appropriate visas for founder and their employees. He has extensive experience representing clients with regard to various types of business visas, work visas, and green card applications.




Head Paralegal

About Amanda Ye, Head Paralegal

I have worked as an Immigration Paralegal for over fifteen years, focusing mainly on employment-based immigration.  What initially attracted me to this field was my love of travel and meeting people from different backgrounds, as well as my desire to perform meaningful work that would have a positive impact.   This initial interest has grown into a full-on passion for immigration law, and I love being able to help clients from all over the world pursue their dream of living in the U.S.   

I have significant experience preparing various non-immigrant and immigrant cases, including H, L, TN, E-3, PERM, I-140, and Adjustment of Status applications.  I have also worked on J-1, H-3, Humanitarian Parole, and Naturalization cases.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from Penn State University, and have interned at both an NGO in Rwanda and at the U.S. Department of State.  Outside of work, I enjoy reading, hiking, running, and travelling to anywhere I haven’t been before.




Systems Managing Attorney

About Ani Schweighart, Case Coordinator

Over a decade ago I left my home in Cyprus and came to the US in pursuit of higher education. Navigating the complex immigration system in the US stirred the desire in me to become an immigration attorney.

Having held numerous visa categories myself, I know firsthand what many of our clients experience. As the case coordinating attorney, I strive to serve my team, and our clients, with efficiency, clarity, and kindness. In my free time I enjoy listening to podcasts and nonfiction audiobooks, traveling with my husband, and spending time with my plott hound, Maisie.




Paralegal and Director of Consular Services

About Christa  Byker, Paralegal and Director of Consular Services

I come to the immigration field with a variety of perspectives. First, I have lived all over the world and so have myself been subject to immigration regulations and procedures. Second, I served for almost 5 years as a Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassies in Mexico City and Guatemala City. There, I applied U.S. immigration law to thousands of cases.

Finally, I became an advocate for more transparent and efficient visa processing through volunteer and research work in Mexico City and beyond. I bring all of these perspectives to my case work to deliver the best client service possible. 

A graduate of the University of Virginia and the Universidad de Navarra, I studied political science and am fully fluent in Spanish. When not engaged in immigration matters, you can typically find me hiking, gardening, or learning the tango. 





About Veronica Black, Paralegal

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About Kristina Drissi, Paralegal

I have extensive experience as a Business Immigration Paralegal, with over a decade of experience in employment and family based immigration law. I specialize in helping to prepare various types of immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, as well as writing responses to requests for evidence. What I love most about immigration law is the challenge it presents, the opportunity to solve complex and unique scenarios and the ability to help people and businesses achieve their goals. Each case is different and requires a unique and experienced approach, which keeps me engaged and motivated.

I have a Masters in Studies of Law and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from helping someone, and I'm committed to assisting individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. When I'm not working on a case, you can find me foraging for edible flora, tending a garden, or exploring somewhere new.