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We often talk to visa holders who are hesitant to consider an exciting opportunity at an early-stage startup because the company has never sponsored a visa before. Can an application be approved for a new company with just a handful of employees? Would taking a position at a young company put your visa status at risk? 

Other times we speak with employees who are already keen to put themselves forward for a position, but encounter hesitancy from the company because no one on staff is familiar with the US immigration system. First-time visa sponsors can be overwhelmed by conflicting information on the internet and are frequently concerned that the process will be too burdensome for their young company to handle. 

Whatever the case, we can evaluate your situation and help both you and your employer understand the process and risks associated with moving your employment to a startup in the US. Click on the options below to see how we can help.


Frequently startups willing to consider visa sponsorship get stuck because they are intimidated by the learning curve, or simply don't know where to start.

We are happy to chat with you to identify your options and then meet with your potential employer to explain the process and costs. Get started by scheduling a consultation with us here.

Some immigration applications (such as an H1B visa or PERM green card) require a significant investment of time and money and carry serious legal obligations that must be borne by the company. Others can be handled entirely by the employee alone (such as an EB1A or NIW green card), or led by the employee with minimal input and obligation from the employer (such as the TN or O1 visas). 

We are happy to meet with you to discuss if you qualify for any of the options that would allow you to take more control over the process. Get started by scheduling a consultation with us here.

Having your employment abruptly terminated after you have built a life in the US can be extremely stressful. We can help you gain a full understanding of whether you have a grace period available to you, how long it lasts, whether you are eligible to transfer to a new employer or change to a completely different immigration status without leaving the US, what the deadline for filing a new application is, etc. Get started by scheduling a consultation with us here.